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Once the stone is restored to its potential beauty, how do you keep it that way?

A.D. FloorCare, Inc. offers maintenance packages specifically tailored to each building, home, surface and stone. Services can vary from a regularly scheduled maintenance program to infrequent maintenance visits. Variables such as foot traffic, setting, and especially stone type will all be closely observed before recommendations are formulated.

A.D. FloorCare, Inc. will also provide recommendations that in-house staff or homeowner’s can do to increase the longevity of their restoration investment, thus limiting the need for future, potentially costly restoration. While there is no such thing as a truly maintenance free surface, and this includes granite and man-made stones, education is vital to making the beauty last as long as possible.

Sealing – A stone’s first line of defense in protection and a very important part of preserving the beauty. An unsealed or improperly sealed surface can be a waste of the money invested into the stone. These protectors soak into the stone and form an invisible barrier by bonding to the natural stone minerals, repelling water, grease and protein. It helps keep the floor and grout from getting dirty by not allowing dirty water to settle into the stone’s pores. Note: sealing will not protect against acid etchings or scratches.

A.D. FloorCare, Inc. uses only high quality, long lasting, penetrating sealers. Sealers do not alter the stone’s appearance and leave no topical films like wax or other cleaner/polishers do.

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